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Vibration Collar

Using the Vibration Collar for Come or stay

Although, I have not personally used a vibration collar with my own blind and deaf dog, I think it would be a good tool with the right dog. Sometimes dogs might be too skittish, shy, scared or nervous for something like that. If your dog has any of the personality traits then it might be too much for him. However, if he seems more on the confident side then I would certainly try it.

First, decide what you'd want to use it for. I think what I would use it for would be coming back - a recall method - or for stay. Sometimes people have other dogs who can see and hear retrieve their blind and deaf dog, go get them their self or always keep them on a leash. I suggest never letting them off leash unless in a fenced area or indoors because if they take off after a certain smell or just start wandering that puts them in great, great danger.

Now, you will need to decide whether you want your dog to sit and stay or start tracing your scent to find you when you signal the vibration... I particularly like the first suggestion because then in emergency situations you can use it to to prevent your dog from getting in harms way. He can just sit and wait until you "rescue" him. However, either one will be very helpful.

Before even getting the collar I would teach him stay and come. To do this, start by having him on a leash. Then, I would use a touch command on him to sit, then put your hand on his nose which would signal stay. Touch his nose and treat. Then, start adding come to it with wiggling the leash forward and then treat. Keep getting farther away and keep treating every time he gets it right by staying still until you wiggle the leash to come. Once he knows these commands, decide if you want him to search for you or stay when you signal the vibration. Now, add the vibration signal before whichever one you want him to do. So if you want him to come, signal the vibration collar and then wiggle the leash to come. Treat him everytime he comes and then slowly stop wiggling the leash and just using the vibration collar to see if he gets it. If you want him to sit and stay, signal the vibration collar and use the touch command for stay and then treat. Keep making him wait longer and longer until he always stays until you come to get him.

Always praise your pet by giving treats and pets when he gets it right! :)