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Show off your new tricks!

Now that your dog has experienced touch commands. Now you can move onto tricks. Your dog can show off tricks just like a dog without special needs can, it is just a little harder.

So, let's begin with shake. This is actually pretty simple. Get your dog to sit with your touch command that you just taught him or her. Then, tap on the side of one of your dog's legs and then lift the paw up. Treat. You keep repeating this until your dog gets it or until 10 minutes are up. Slowly, start to eliminate treating, so that way he or she knows they have to do something to get the treat. It will get them to start thinking maybe that tap means that motion I have been doing. Now, you have to know that most likely the dog's paw will not end up in your hand since he or she cannot see it. You have to be able to grab his or her paw while it is in the air. Then, you give a treat and lots of praise once he or she gets.

Another trick is roll over. First you get your dog to lay down. Next you tap on the side of the belly and lure the dog over. Then, give a treat. Again, keep doing this until when you tap on the side of the belly he or she rolls over or until 10 minutes are up. Those are just two tricks, so you get an idea on how to teach your dog. Remember any tricks a regular dog can do a special needs dog can do, it just takes some extra work.