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Extra Tips

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(Sent in by Sindee)
- Place the water dish inside a small plastic tote to avoid spills when she bumps into it (this way she bumps the tote and then finds the dish)
- Place a small area mat at the top and bottom of the stairs in the house so she knows the start and finish (she somehow figured out the steps to the deck outside and now will jump up the three steps onto the deck!)
- I keep a tidier house so she doesn’t trip over things!
- For filling Kongs, I freeze canned food in ice cube trays (I bought trays just for dog food) and use one "cube" of canned food, thawed, to mix with the kibble to keep it inside the Kong (all three dogs enjoy a Kong like this)
- She walks well on leash and knows the difference between a collar and a harness. The harness allows her freedom to explore since I use a double length leash and she can then go wherever she wants. The harness eliminates the neck pressure if she slips off the trail or gets into something dangerous
- In the car I put her in a crate which is bungee-corded in place (using the tether points for a child car seat). My two sighted dogs are loose, but I didn't want Hiker falling off the seat while traveling. A seatbelt harness would work well also.
- I have found that bigger toys (balls, stuffed animal type) scare her. She is 35 pounds and prefers small toys such as tennis ball size and small stuffed animals.
- Her crate is her haven. The door remains open unless she is upset/agitated and can’t seem to settle. If I put her in and close the door she settles down and goes to sleep. It's her "safe" place I suppose.
- I touch her forehead for "wait". Since she can hear, I used the voice command initially but now just use the touch.
- I keep her bed in the living room in the same place and wash her bed and toys seperately so that the scent is always there for her. (ie; wash the toys then a few days later wash the bed, leaving the toys on a temporary bed such as an old blanket)