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Rugs, mats, and blankets, oh my!

Textures are a great way to guide your blind and deaf dog. Now I'm sure you are wondering, what exactly are textures? Well, let me tell you! Rugs, mats, blankets are what I call textures. Blind and deaf dogs use their noses and paws to find their way around. Well, why not help them out, make life a little bit easier for them and place textures inside and outside the house. This helps guide them where to go without having to depend completely on you.

We have a mat in front of the door outside and inside. I have taught Youwho to wait on the mat if he has to go outside to go potty and after he does his business to go back to the mat to come inside.

You can use rugs to guide them where you want them to go in the house. For example, we have a rug in the hallway and I have taught him to to stay on the rug and not to go off of it. So, that way he doesn't go to places in the house we don't want him to go or places where he could get hurt. Also, you can have an area where his blanket and toys are and teach him to stay on there.

One rule for textures is don't move them! Place them in one spot and leave them there. If you move them, you will confuse the dog and it may even take longer to teach them the whole process again. Keeping a routine is the best thing for these types of dogs.