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Meeting Strangers

learning to love people

Some blind and deaf dogs can be easily startled by strangers, but before meeting strangers... Try at home not startling your dog. Don't walk right up to him and pet him. First put your hand in front of her nose until she starts to smell you and then you can start to pet her. This way she will know you are near and be ready for your pet.

Now, when meeting strangers, ask them to do the same, ask them to put out their hand near their nose and only when your dog goes up to them, then let them pet your dog. If your dog has a particularly hard time meeting strangers and is very nervous/scared of new people, try using treats. Anyone and everyone you meet give them a treat and have them put the treat under the dog's nose and let the dog take it. Soon, they will realize that meeting new people means they get treats, therefore is a good thing! After awhile, you should be able to slowly get rid of the treats and have the praise be with petting and love!