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Youwho's got his plunger ready!

Many of the emails we receive are regarding housetraining. So, if you were wondering the same thing too, you have come to the right place!

Housetraining a blind and deaf dog has the same idea as training any other dog, but it can be a bit more challenging as they can't see the door or where they are going for that matter. So, if this dog is new in your household, he or she probably will have some accidents in the beginning, like any dog, but don't be angry at the dog or startle the dog, just have patience.

For the first couple of days, I would take your dog to the door every couple of hours and take him or her outside. Everytime he goes to the bathroom outside give him lots of praise and treats. If he has any accidents in the house, do not not rub his nose in it or do anything negative towards him, just wait to catch him in the act or take him outside again. If you catch your dog in the act, do not hit the dog, just gently pick your dog up or gently pull on the collar and take him outside to go to the bathroom. Soon they will get the idea that going to the door and going potty outside is a good thing.

To make your dog's life a little easier at finding the door, you can put a texture (a rug or a mat) at the front of the door, so once he feels the texture, he will know the door is nearby. You can also put tie a scented towel on the door, so he can smell his way to the door and wait until you let him outside. I have a rug at our door and Youwho will sit on the rug until we let him out to go to the bathroom. Youwho has pretty much memorized where all the furniture in the house is. So you might only need the scent towel for a little bit until your dog knows where everything is. You can try the texture or scented towel or both, whatever makes life easier for your dog, try it!