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Games and Toys

Oh my what fun!


  • Hide and Seek - you hide treats/toys around the
    house and have your dog find them, or you hide
    yourself somewhere and have your dog find you!
  • Treat Trails (searching games) - you can put treats
    all around the house to keep your dog occupied while
    you are away
    with as they are easier to bump into and find them
  • Tug of War - play tug with a rope or a stuffed toy
  • Chasing Games - you around around and have your
    dog follow you around
  • Swimming on a leash

  • Toys

  • Kongs filled with treats or peanut butter
  • Larger balls like soccer balls are good toys to play
    with as they are easier to bump into and find them
  • Larger stuffed toys are fun for the dogs to swing around
    but also easy to find if they throw the toy
  • Stuffed toys seem to hold scents well
  • Ropes to play tug of war
  • Any scented balls or other toys
  • Any toys you can stuff treats inside