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Have a quesion?

We often get emails asking if we can take in pets. Currently, we are not a rescue faciliy although we hope to be one someday! Paws crossed :)

Since we are often emailed this question and we deeply wish we could help, we put together a list of resouces and ideas to help the process of saving a pet from death row or preventing the pet from entering the shelter system.

The key is exposure!

First and foremost, obtain good photos of the pet in need as well as write an accurate, yet touching description about the animal. We suggest listing all adoptable pets on Petfinder and Adopt A Pet. Although Craigslist inquries have to be carefully screened, we have had great success in finding animals homes on the site, so we suggest posting on there as well.

For specifically blind and deaf dogs, we have had great success from posting them on the Blind/Deaf Shelter Dogs Networking facebook page by clicking here!

Next, comes social media sites... Set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and try to gain followers by getting other accounts with lots of followers to feature you or give you a shoutout. Also, share account/pet photos with your family, friends, co-workers, etc. I also suggest finding accounts (people, groups, organizations, non-profits) who share shelter pets and have lots of followers so the pet in need is getting lots of views. Also, look for breed specific accounts. For example, there often are a lot of groups who share Pitbulls in need of help since there are often so many of them available and often put on the euthanization list before other breeds. Another example, if the pet you are trying to save has special needs there are groups for sharing those type of pets as well. Keep thinking of other special traits/characteristics this pet has so you can make him or her stand out.

If there is enough time, make flyers and post them all around town - local shops, businesses, etc. Contact your local newspaper to see if they will list the pet in the ad sections. Contact your local radio station if they will feature some adoptable pets.

Look for rescues (breed specific and non-breed specific) in your area. Even though rescues are often full, it never hurts to ask! Even if they cannot take the pet you are trying to save in ask them for other suggestions and resources. They've had to do the same thing at one point so they can be a valuable resouce. Ask if they know of any other rescues, connections, or people that might have space. Ask them if they can do a courtesy listing of the adoptable pet for you. Also, ask if they know of adoption fairs or pet days where you can take the pet in need to meet people interested in adopting. If there are none of these in your area, look maybe in the city/town over or start one! When people see animals in person, it can really get there attention.

And finally, remember the pet does not have to neccesarily be adopted right away, fostering and boarding are great ways to buy the pet more time. Be sure to put in your posts, flyers or ads about this pet that either a foster home or "furever" home is needed. You can board in the meantime if funding allows it as well.

One last thing - THANK YOU! Thank you for putting your time and energy into helping these innocent lives. These endearing voiceless creatures only have us and that's why we do what we do. All us shelter volunteers and rescuers know it isn't easy, in fact it can be very difficult especially when you lose some along the way. You're not only donating your time, but your donating your heart and your feelings, which is tough - really tough. However, just know you're doing your best, as is everyone. It's hard, but it's why were here. Savor and cherish all those moments of pure joy and happiness you see on the animal and their adopter's face as they begin their new lives together. Afterall, that's why we do what we do :)


Please note: Due to veterinary school, I will be unable to respond to questions that are not already on the website during the school year. So, please make sure your question is not already on this guide before emailing if it is not then please email us by clicking here! If the link does not work copy and paste info@pawstoadopt.com into your email client! Thank you!